I went to Miraval Berkshires – Here are 3 Things I Learned

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by Carrieanne Reichardt
March 03, 2022

“A life in balance.” That is what’s promised when you visit Miraval Berkshires. For me, I thought that meant slowing down. If I am constantly going, the opposite is STOP. Right? So I headed to the Berkshires mountains to escape my anxieties and fears for a weekend of rest. 

I quickly learned, however, Miraval is not a place to disengage – rather a place to be present. Between the seasonal dishes and beverage pairings, I made real connections within myself and with others that will guide my intentions in the future. Allow me to share what I learned…

Healing involves trying new things…

If you are looking for ways to practice self-compassion, then Miraval is the place for you. With extensive mindful activities to try, like the Japanese art of Kintsugi – a pottery repair method that highlights the mended areas with gold paint – Miraval experts lead you through transformative experiences that allow you to connect with yourself and your vulnerabilities. Practicing vulnerability in a safe space allows you to see the beauty in imperfections. There is no shame in being imperfect, but rather an opportunity to acknowledge our progress. 

A life in balance includes a facial…

Dr Dennis Gross Skincare facial at Miraval Berkshires spa

If you love your Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare products, you’ll love the serene spa at Miraval Berkshires even more. Expert estheticians use Dr. Gross’s exclusive clinical-grade formulations to detoxify the skin and restore radiance. The gentle facial massage improves circulation and flushes lymphatic build-up for an immediate glowy complexion. It’s like entering a dream, except the great results are very much a reality.  

Animals remind us to be present…

There seem to be countless things that can grab our attention every day and it’s easy to jump from project to project, but at what cost to our mental or physical health? While being guided through meditation in the horse stable, I was reminded of what it is like to focus on the present moment – the smell of hay, the sound of hooves, a horse’s neigh.

For a few moments, I didn’t need to worry about this deadline or that responsibility. Did you know most horses spend their time grazing 12 to 14 hours a day? Yet just one kick could be deadly. Even though we can do something – doesn’t mean it’s the right choice. Slowing the body down balances the mind with the present – and having a furry friend nearby never hurts!

To Journey with Intention 

Miraval Berkshires overview

Maybe it was the mountain air or the restorative spa day – or maybe Miraval really is that magical. With the right intention, there are endless opportunities to learn about yourself at Miraval Berkshires. 

If you find yourself at Miraval, and I hope that one day you do, there will be experts to help guide you through your unique journey. Miraval taught me there is beauty in engaging in the present, but it requires intention. Intention to love yourself, practice compassion, and let the journey lead you. Each journey at Miraval is different, how will you choose yours? 

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