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Alpha Beta®

Daily essentials for clear, smooth, radiant skin


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Frequently asked questions

  • What are alpha and beta hydroxy acids?

    Alpha and beta hydroxy acids are ingredients, many of which are naturally occurring (derived from foods such as sugar, apples and almonds), that gently exfoliate the skin's surface and keep pores clear.

  • Will a peel burn my skin?

    Everyone should incorporate a peel into his or her regimen. Those new to peels often have the misconception that they are harsh and irritating. I created my Alpha Beta® Peels to be gentle and require no downtime to recover. The two-step system regulates pH to stimulate collagen production and remove dulling surface skin. By combining acids, the peel can work more effectively while preventing irritation.

  • How are peels effective?

    Removing the surface layers of dead skin cells increases radiance, refines pores and stimulates collagen production, but the treatments also make your other skin care products more effective. Over the course of the day dead skin, bacteria, makeup, oil and pollutants collect on the skin. Peels help shed this layer, leaving a smooth, healthy surface intact that can absorb the rest of your regimen more effectively

Alpha Beta

Daily essentials for clear, smooth, radiant skin See transformative results with our carefully selected cocktail of AHA/BHAs for dramatically smoother, clearer, more radiant skin, visibly tighter pores and fewer fine lines & wrinkles.