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Alpha Beta® Glow PadTM

Sun-free, streak-free self-tanners

Unique, mess-free formulas powered by AHA/BHAs to smooth skin and deliver a natural-looking glow without sun exposure. Perfectly dosed towelettes ensure seamless, mess-free application every time.

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Alpha Beta® Glow Pad™ For Face Intense Glow

Sun-free tan for a radiant glow


Frequently asked questions

  • What is DHA and how often should I apply?

    Lower concentrations of DHA, the ingredient that creates a tan pigment in sunless-tanners, combined with moisturizers make it easy to incorporate self-tanning into a daily skin routine. Using these subtle formulas also creates a gradual glow that looks natural and healthy.

  • How do I avoid streaks?

    When applying sunless-tanner, prep is key. It’s essential to exfoliate and moisturize to ensure an even, streak-free result. Using a formula containing exfoliating and skin nourishing ingredients can eliminate steps from the process and save you time.

  • Will it make me break out?

    If you have acne-prone skin, take note of the ingredients as some can be comedogenic and cause clogged pores. Bronzing makeup like powders and creams can have similar side-effects, but formulas with alpha and beta hydroxy acids to exfoliate and clear pores can help.