3 Secrets to Transform Your Skin for the Holidays

Discover the latest skincare innovations with leading NYC Dermatologist, Dr. Dennis Gross.
Learn how to combine LED technology, retinol, AHAs and BHAs to get radiant skin for the holidays.


Did you know acids and LED can be good for your skin? Our expert Dermatologist and Aestheticians will educate you on the types of active ingredients and customized formulations that reveal radiant flawless skin in just 2-minutes per day. Signup and bring a friend to this virtual event!

You will learn:

  • Best active ingredients for your skin type
  • Customized regimens to resolve your skin concerns
  • How to rev-up collagen production in time

The results:

  • Reveal immediate radiance
  • Smooth ageless skin
  • Reduce acne and post-acne marks


Dr. Dennis Gross

Co-Founder of Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare and Board-Certified Dermatologist

Dennis Gross, M.D., is a board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon who has been in practice for 25 years. Creator of award-winning Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare™, inspired by the skincare concerns of patients at his NYC practice, Dr. Dennis Gross is nationally recognized and has been featured as one of New York Magazine’s Best Doctors for his expertise in skin health as well as his approach to creating and maintaining the most natural-looking skin.

Kayla Kernel


Medical Esthetician with 10+ years of experience. Growing up, Kayla struggled with cystic acne and scarring. This experience drives her passion to help others on their skincare journey. Kayla specializes in all skin types, tones, and ages.