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Clinical Grade Resurfacing Liquid Pro Peel

173 Reviews

A pro-level, at home 2-step peel clinically shown to reduce wrinkles, increase radiance and refine pores. Experience ultra-smooth, soft skin after just one use.
For oily, normal, dryorcombinationor skin types.
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Innovative ingredients and technology coming straight from his practice, Dr. Dennis Gross formulated this pro-level peel for ultimate pore refinement, wrinkle reduction, and increased radiance. Each bottle delivers a potent concentration of Lactic acid and glycolic acid combined with the enzymatic action of bromelain to effectively resurface the skin and jumpstart the skin cell renewal process.

Clinical Grade Resurfacing Liquid Pro Peel
Clinical Grade Resurfacing Liquid Pro Peel
Clinical Grade Resurfacing Liquid Pro Peel
Clinical Grade Resurfacing Liquid Pro Peel
Clinical Grade Resurfacing Liquid Pro Peel




Our Promise



Dramatically improve texture

95% showed improvement in skin texture. Lactic & glycolic acid help detach dead skin cells exfoliate skin’s surface and accelerate cell turnover for a more even texture & radiant complexion.

Shrink the look of pores

83% showed improvement in the appearance of pores. This clinical level 2-step peel formulated with acids helps to dissolve interfering layers that prevent radiant skin for ultimate pore refinement.

Immediately boost radiance

100% showed improvement in skin radiance. AHA/BHAs plus centella asiatica extract, green tea extract, & colloidal oatmeal work together to help restore a radiant complexion.

Smooth fine lines & wrinkles

Lactic acid and glycolic acid combined with the enzymatic action of bromelain effectively resurface the skin, jump start the skin cell renewal process and smooth fine lines & wrinkles.


In a consumer study:

95% showed improvement in skin texture
83% showed improvement in the appearance of pores
100% showed improvement in skin radiance


Key Ingredients (Step 1)

Lactic & Glycolic Acid are two alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) that help detach dead skin cells ready to shed, exfoliate skin’s surface, and accelerate cell turnover for a more even texture and radiant complexion whilst lactic acid also prevents trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL).

Bromelain is a fruit enzyme derived from pineapple that digests the skin’s dead proteins (such as broken down collagen), exfoliates revealing a younger and more even layer of skin.

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Key Ingredients (Step 2)

Centella Asiatica Extract, also known as tiger grass, has antioxidant properties and helps protect skin’s moisture barrier.

Colloidal Oatmeal is a centuries-old topical treatment that reduces irritation and clinically improves skin’s dryness, redness, and roughness.

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Our Promiseplus-sign

About Dr. Dennis Gross Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare is a dermatologist-founded brand. Dr. Gross is an unwavering advocate for his patients, consumers, humanity, bound by the Hippocratic oath to do no harm. His mission - and ours - us to improve your skin health, how it looks, but most importantly how it makes you feel. Our #1 priority is to ensure efficacy without ever compromising safety. We are cruelty-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, sulfate-free, and vegan. With every product we take a research backed approach and formulate with only pharmaceutical-grade active ingredients to ensure superior results, without irritation.


How To Use

Transform skin in two steps

How To Use

Transform skin in two steps

Two Simple Steps

For AM or PM use, up to 2-3 times a week. Prepare Step 1 by placing cotton ball firmly over bottle opening and making two 3-second turns to dispense the proper amount. Massage cotton ball onto clean, dry skin until it’s dry, avoiding contact with eyes. Wait two minutes. Repeat the process with Step 2 – do not rinse.

Complementary Products

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First Time Use

First time peel users may apply 1-2 times per week until skin becomes acclimated.

Advanced Use

For transformative improvement, incorporate the Advanced Retinol + Ferulic Overnight Texture Renewal Peel 2-3 times a week, into your PM regimen and don't forget your daily SPF!

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Frequently asked questions

  • Clinical Grade was created to address the most sought-after clinical problems Dr. Gross sees in his practice. This advanced line is designed for skin acclimated to active skincare and ready for stronger, faster results. It incorporates rigorous testing methods including double-blind controlled studies, scientific instrumentation, and comparisons to clinical benchmarks.

  • Resurfacing Liquid Peel should be used up to 3x per week while the Alpha Beta® Daily Peel should be used the remaining days. They are designed to be used together; in fact, when combined you will get nearly 30% improvement in texture plus overall improvement in radiance than when using the Resurfacing Liquid Peel alone. The addition of the cleanser and moisturizer ensures that skin is thoroughly cleansed without stripping, encourages cellular renewal, and helps maintain skin’s natural moisture barrier.

  • Bromelain is an enzyme with multiple medical benefits. Topically, it works by digesting the skin’s dead proteins in the stratum corneum, to help detach dead skin cells. There is a synergy between exfoliation with acids and enzymes. Though they work by different mechanisms – one dissolves built up proteins while the other works on the intercellular “cement” – they work in concert. Not only does this allow each to do a better job individually, but also collectively. By broadening the ability of the Alpha Beta® acids to penetrate, Clinical Grade Resurfacing Liquid Peel delivers our deepest exfoliation yet – still with NO downtime, for a complete complexion overhaul.

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