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Peel + Firm Kit

Reveal a smooth, plump, more radiant complexion with Alpha Beta® Extra Strength Daily Peel and the NEW Derminfusions™ Fill, Plump + Firm Serum

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    Peel + Firm Kit
    Peel + Firm Kit
    Peel + Firm Kit




    Our Promise


    Plump & Hydrate Skin

    4 weights of Hyaluronic Acid penetrate at different levels of the skin to visibly plump, restore bounce, and hydrate. 94% of subjects saw softer, more supple skin* and 91% said skin felt more plumped and hydrated**. *in 1 week **in 4 weeks

    Diminish fine lines & wrinkles

    AHAs gently but effectively exfoliate to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

    Firm & Lift the look of Sagging Skin

    A volumizing complex of 4 Peptides help to visibly firm and lift skin. 91% of subjects said their skin felt firmer and more lifted in 2 weeks.

    Immediate Radiance

    AHAs help accelerate cell turnover to remove surface dullness and promote healthy, radiant skin.


    Clinically proven to clear, plump and smooth skin in 7 days. 

    When used together,100% saw reduced fine lines, improved texture and less dryness


    Key Ingredients

    7 Alpha Beta® acids
    lift away dead skin cells, while toning and smoothing skin

    helps smooth wrinkles and lines while increasing moisture & elasticity.

    4 Molecular Weights of Hyaluronic Acid
    Naturally occurring in the human body, these powerful humectants of varying molecular weights bind to water molecules, holding up to 1000x their weight in water and penetrate at various depths in skin, providing optimal hydration and skin plumping.

    Volumizing Complex of 4 Peptides
    Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Oligopeptide-2. The building blocks of essential proteins (like collagen and elastin) in skin. They help stimulate the production of these essential proteins, to keep your skin firmer, plumper, and healthy-looking.

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    Our Promiseplus-sign

    About Dr. Dennis Gross Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare is a dermatologist-founded brand. Dr. Gross is an unwavering advocate for his patients, consumers, humanity, bound by the Hippocratic oath to do no harm. His mission - and ours - us to improve your skin health, how it looks, but most importantly how it makes you feel. Our #1 priority is to ensure efficacy without ever compromising safety. We are cruelty-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, sulfate-free, and vegan. With every product we take a research backed approach and formulate with only pharmaceutical-grade active ingredients to ensure superior results, without irritation.

    How To Use

    Visibly fill fine lines & wrinkles and restore skin's barrier

    How To Use

    Visibly fill fine lines & wrinkles and restore skin's barrier

    Step 1

    Massage Step 1 of Extra Strength Daily Peel onto clean, dry skin until pad is dry. Wait two minutes. Repeat with Step 2. Do not rinse.

    Step 2

    Massage 2-3 pumps of Derminfusions™ Fill, Plump + Firm Serum into full face, targeting wrinkles. Apply after your daily peel.

    Frequently asked questions

    • Step 1 isolates the powerful, yet gentle, exfoliating acids. Step 2 controls the alpha hydroxy acid activity and delivers anti-aging actives, nourishing skin, keeping it balanced, smooth, and radiant. Upon neutralizing, a pH flux occurs sending a signal to help stimulate skin’s natural collagen production.

    • Dr. Gross formulated the Alpha Beta® Daily Peel specifically for daily gentle exfoliation with no discomfort or recovery time. Better long-term results will be seen with consistent daily use. First time peel users may apply every other day until skin becomes acclimated.

    • The technology reduces the size of the water molecules transporting the key ingredients to penetrate deeper for a faster and more optimized absorption.

    • This product pairs great with makeup –including oil and water-based formulations! It helps hydrate and smooth the look of skin and when paired with our Alpha Beta Daily Peels it creates the perfect canvas for makeup. Pro Tip: When used during the day it can act as a makeup primer for smoother application.

    • This product is suitable for all skin types.

    • This serum can be used morning, night or both!

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