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Eye Treatment

Eye Treatment

Rejuvenate your complexion with targeted treatments designed to treat the delicate eye area and tackle puffiness, crows feet, dark circles, and drooping skin.

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Dr. Dennis Gross' Tips:

  • Don’t tug at your eye skin when applying eye cream; tap your treatments on with your ring finger
  • Less is more. Applying too much could cause it to migrate into your eyes
  • Dab products over the entire eye area—above and below the brow bone, under the eyes, and in the crow’s feet

Dr. Dennis Gross Discusses Eye Treatment

Ask the Expert: Ferulic + Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum

Dr. Gross explains how his patients' number one concern, their eye area, can be made to look younger with his multi-functional Ferulic + Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum.

NYC dermatologist shares skincare advice he gives his patients

It’s important to look for a product specifically formulated for the eye area because the skin is delicate and especially thin, therefore it is more prone to lines caused by daily facial expressions and sun damage. The skin can be more easily irritated and may be more vulnerable to products that are too strong. This area requires specially formulated treatments that are strong yet gentle.
I don’t advocate products with just one active ingredient. If we know 10 ingredients that can help treat lines, I want all 10 in one bottle. Look for products that contain multiple antioxidants and ingredients that will help firm up the eye area, including retinol, as well as prevent future damage from occurring.
Retinol is an ideal ingredient for anyone who is serious about anti-aging, especially around the eye area. It is a naturally derived form of vitamin A which is very compatible with the skin. This potent anti-aging ingredient helps smooth wrinkles and lines while increasing moisture and elasticity. It also promotes the production of new skin cells and helps fade dark spots.
For the most part, dark under-eye circles are the result of lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking too much caffeine, overindulging in alcohol and not sleeping enough. Nicotine, alcohol and caffeine cause the capillaries to leak iron and blood cells into the under-eye area, giving it a dark appearance.

When the skin is getting less than optimum fuel, it can become dull and pale with dark under-eye circles. Lack of sleep can be so stressful that it actually causes our bodies, including our skin, to generate free radicals. While skin naturally thins with age, these lifestyle factors tend to be the biggest contributor to developing dark circles.”

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