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Reinforce the moisture barrier and reclaim supple, glowing skin. Packed with multi-tasking ingredients, these moisturizers address concerns including wrinkles, uneven tone, sagging, and even oily skin.

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Dr. Dennis Gross' Tips:

  • Apply moisturizer while skin is still damp to seal in additional hydration
  • Change your moisturizer with the seasons—as the weather changes, you may need more or less hydration
  • All skin types need hydration: dry skin requires thicker creams while oily skin works best with lightweight, oil-free hydrators

Dr. Dennis Gross Discusses Moisturizers

NYC dermatologist shares skincare advice he gives his patients

Moisturizers are important because they help to keep skin balanced while they protect against visible signs of aging. When skin is hydrated, it’s luminous and plump, so it will look and feel softer and healthier.”
If your moisturizer only offers hydration and doesn’t contain other active ingredients, apply it immediately after toweling off while you’re still in the steamy bathroom, to seal in additional moisture. If your moisturizer contains a treatment, let any redness fade after showering or cleansing before applying. When skin is red, all of its vital functions are focused on helping it return to a calmer state, so any active ingredient might be more than it can handle at that given moment. When skin is in this recovery mode, products that it otherwise might have been able to tolerate can prolong the redness and make it appear irritated.
People with oilier complexions should look to use lotions rather than creams. The way to tell the difference is that a lotion pours and a cream does not. Lotions are always more lightweight, which is better for oily complexions. It is also good to look for oil-free formulas as well as Hyaluronic Acid as an active ingredient because it moisturizes via humectants (which pull water vapor from the atmosphere and into the skin) rather than through the application of oil on the surface.

The Dr. Dennis Gross Difference


Dermatologist Created

NYC dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross formulates all products based on his patients’ skincare needs.



Our products are never tested on animals – and most are vegan.


Potent and Proven Ingredients

You’ll see visible results with advanced ingredient combinations and medical grade formulas – without irritation.