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Revive luminosity with NYC dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross’ one-of-a-kind radiance-restoring treatments.

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Dr. Dennis Gross Discusses Dullness

Ask the Expert: Alpha Beta® Peels

Dr. Dennis Gross explains how non-abrasive daily Alpha Beta® Peels, exfoliate, improve radiance, even skin tone and texture, and reduce lines and wrinkles.

NYC dermatologist shares skincare advice he gives his patients

Skin can appear dull when dead skin cells accumulate because these flakes do not reflect light.
To fight dullness, sometimes you just need to add water. Hyaluronic Acid is one of the most effective moisturizing ingredients because it draws water vapor from the atmosphere to your skin and can hold 1000x its weight in water. It’s so effective that no heavy emollients are necessary—making this a great hydrator for oilier skin.
The best way to revive dull, tired skin is through gentle micro-exfoliation with alpha and beta hydroxy acids. This will remove dead skin cells and reveal brighter, more even-toned skin.

If you are looking for a quicker fix, try using an intensely hydrating mask for an immediate effect.
When humidity levels drop, moisture evaporates from skin. We’re also inclined to take warm baths and hot showers which are big moisture-sapping culprits. The drier skin is the more dull surface skin accumulates. Take shorter showers and lower the water temperature if you can. Apply moisturizer immediately after towel drying to seal in added moisture. Bath oils and hydrating body washes will also help maintain healthy moisture levels.

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