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Sensitive Skin and Redness

Sensitive Skin and Redness

Relieve reactive skin and reduce redness with soothing treatments that calm skin and provide protection from environmental irritants.

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Dr. Dennis Gross' Tips:

  • For instant calming, try a cool compress or chilled cucumber slices
  • Detox skin from irritants (like heavy metals) in tap water by using products with chelators
  • If you’re prone to rosacea, avoid red wine, spicy food, hot foods and drink, and caffeine

Dr. Dennis Gross Discusses Sensitive Skin and Rosacea

Ask the Expert: Alpha Beta® Peels

Dr. Dennis Gross explains how non-abrasive daily Alpha Beta® Peels, exfoliate, improve radiance, even skin tone and texture, and reduce lines and wrinkles.

NYC dermatologist shares skincare advice he gives his patients

Aside from genetics, certain environmental factors, such as tap water containing heavy metals such as lead, zinc, magnesium, copper and iron can cause sensitive skin and redness. Tap water also contains calcium, which makes water “hard” or “soft” and can cause dull, dry skin and hair. The heavy metals found in tap water are actually free radicals themselves, which generate other free radicals (like a chain reaction) that destroy collagen. The heavy metals that are present in our drinking water convert the skin’s oils into a waxy, gland-blocking substance, resulting in redness and irritation, acne, blackheads and stretched out pores,. They can also aggravate existing conditions such as rosacea and inflammation.
Sensitive skin should be treated with mild cleansers and products. Look for the following soothing ingredients: Licorice Root Extract, Cucumber Extract, Bisabolol (an anti-inflammatory derived from chamomile), Green Tea Extract (a natural antioxidant), Gatuline (a plant extract that prevents dilation of blood vessels) and Chelators that can remove heavy metals and soften water.
The difference between sensitive and sensitized skin, is “sensitive” skin is genetically prone to irritation, while “sensitized” means the poor product selection or environmental factors (free radicals, wind), are making the skin more prone to irritation.
To avoid a rosacea flare, try not to consume red wine, spicy foods or caffeine, as they can aggravate the condition. To calm redness, apply a cool compresses – or even cold cucumber slices. I would also recommend using the Alpha Beta® Daily Face Peel. This gentle yet effective approach to exfoliating and nourishing has helped many of my patients who suffer from Rosacea. This anti-aging product not only diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, but helps complexion problems, balances oil, tones skin, and increases clarity and radiance.

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