Skincare Success Story: Dehydrated & Dull to Clear & Radiant

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January 31, 2022

Skincare journeys are just that: personal navigation through experiences, product trial and error, and plenty of mixed emotions while trying to find your best skin. 

Evelyn – also known by NormaliseAcne on Instagram – shared her journey with us. We asked her a few questions:

In the before photo, what did your skincare regimen look like?

In this before photo, my skin was unhappy and dehydrated and it just felt dull overall with no luster. My skin was having trouble healing before breaking out once again which has been one of my main issues - acne scars.

To achieve the skin in your after photo, what changes did you make?

I made sure that my skin was always hydrated for one. I figured out in 2021 that my skin, which I thought was mainly oily, is actually dehydrated because every time I would wash my face with too harsh of a cleanser, use acids too often and skimp on moisturizer, I would break out and my pores would clog. I incorporated a face oil and made sure to wait an x amount of days in between exfoliation to let my skin breathe. 

How, when & why did you start your DDG skincare journey?

I initially started using DDG skincare products in September 2021 when I was gifted the new Advanced Retinol + Ferulic line. I wanted to try these two products because I had heard wonders of these incredible ingredients and know that they can be revolutionary in healing the skin from the inside out.

What is your current skincare routine? 

My skincare routines fluctuate every now and then from trying new products and also leaving products behind that no longer work for my skin

My current AM routine: Youth to the People - Superfood cleanser, Good Molecules - Niacinamide Brightening Toner, Youth to the People - Air Whip Moisturizer and DDG - SPF 30 sunscreen. Sunscreen is the most important part of any am routine. 

My current PM routine: Farmacy Green Clean - Cleansing Balm, Youth to the People - Superfood Cleanser, DDG - Universal Daily Pads (normal skin), DDG – Texture Renewal Serum, Youth to The People – Airwhip Moisture Cream. When I feel like my skin needs a bit of extra nourishment and hydration I will add the Go-To-Skincare - Face Hero Oil. 

If you could only pick one, what is your favorite product & why?

It would have to be the Lightweight Wrinkle Defense SPF 30 sunscreen, because sunscreen is the only product that can prevent sun damage, premature aging, and wrinkles. It is a staple in my routine.

What advice would you give to someone that is looking to improve their skin?

Give your skin time to heal. Patience is key. Trying to rush your healing journey will only lead to disappointment and heartbreak. The skin is our largest organ and when we are particularly sensitive to our environment or hormones, our skin can become aggravated and break out but it’s important to know that with time our wounds can heal again.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful in their own skin, no matter the state of it. I wish that skin filters were not a trendy thing in society right now because it sets our youth up with impossible beauty standards to live up to. Do yourself a favor and let your own skin shine through instead of using beauty filters. Take the time to appreciate your every imperfection because they make you YOU.

Written By

Evelyn Aria

Evelyn shares her skin story and ongoing journey via her Instagram (@normalise.acne). She is a self-prescriped skincare lover and proud plant mom.

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Written By

Evelyn Aria

Evelyn shares her skin story and ongoing journey via her Instagram (@normalise.acne). She is a self-prescriped skincare lover and proud plant mom.

Read More from Evelyn Aria

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