Skincare Success Story: Cystic Acne to Clear Skin

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November 11, 2022

Cystic acne is one of the most stubborn forms of acne to treat – and battling it into submission is not an overnight process. It takes time, patience, and consistency to see results. After suffering painful cystic acne for years, Caroline’s self-esteem was negatively impacted which hindered her from doing everyday things she loved. Knowing it was time for a change, she reached out to her roommate (who just so happens to be the Communications Assistant Manager at Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare) to help banish these breakouts for good.

Read on to learn more about Caroline’s skincare journey and the products that helped her get these impressive results!

What is your skin type?

My skin is oily and acne-prone. 

How did you feel about your skin prior to using Dr. Dennis Gross products?

Before DDG, my skin was one of my biggest insecurities! Growing up, I had relatively clear skin and never had issues with acne. Then out of nowhere, my skin changed for the worse in my early twenties. It started with hormonal breakouts around my jawline and chin which quickly escalated to painful cystic acne all over my face. It was horrible! I used to be so embarrassed about my skin that I couldn’t even leave the house without having pounds of foundation on (not really, but you get the idea!). 

In the before photo, what did your skincare regimen look like?

In the before photo, my skin was inflamed and painful. I was constantly switching between products with the hope of finding something to clear my skin, but all that did was cause more irritation. I thought the key to banishing breakouts was to load up on ingredients like tretinoin and salicylic acid, but I was just doing more harm than good and my skin barrier was paying the price.

How did you find out about Dr. Dennis Gross products? And what convinced you to begin a skincare journey with us?

I was gifted some products because my roommate works at DDG and was eager to help me get a handle on my acne. I’ve always been interested in trying the brand because I heard such great things about the Alpha Beta Daily Peel but I was intimidated by the “peel”. At first, I didn't know how my skin would react. Luckily, I live with a DDG expert who created a new routine for me and has been there to answer all my skincare questions.

What is your current skincare routine?

My current AM routine: 

My current PM routine

How long did it take for you to see a significant change in your skin using our products?

I noticed smoother texture and reduction in breakouts in a matter of days, and it took about two weeks of consistently using the products to see a visible change in the redness and scarring. 

What was the length of time between your before and after shots?

The photos were taken a little over a month apart. The before photo was taken in the beginning of August, and the after photo was taken mid-September. It’s amazing to see such a visible transformation in my breakouts and scarring in such a short period of time. I couldn’t be happier with the results and I’ve been spreading the word about DDG ever since! I'm basically DDG’s newest hype woman.

If you could only pick one DDG product, what is your favorite product & why?

The Alpha Beta Extra Strength Peel is my ride-or-die DDG product. This is because it was the first product to make a visible difference in my skin, and now I don’t go a day without using the peels. What I love about the product is that it has a neutralizing step, that turns off acid activity and hydrates the skin. I was always afraid to do a peel because I thought it would make my skin dry and flaky, but the DDG peel is gentle enough for daily use.   

In your opinion, what is a top skincare tip everyone should follow?

I think the biggest tip I’ve learned is that you have to be consistent with your skincare routine. I know it can be very tempting to try new brands or switch up your products when you’re not seeing results, but you won’t reap the benefits if you’re not using your skincare products consistently. It can take 4-8 weeks to see results from products, so just try your best to be patient and set aside time for your routine every morning and night. Once you get into the habit of consistently sticking to a skincare routine, you won’t be able to live without it!

How do you feel about your skin after using DDG products? 

I feel like a brand-new woman. I can’t even remember the last time I felt this optimistic about my skin, and it feels really good! I’ve even switched from using a full-coverage foundation to wearing a tinted moisturizer, which is something that I never thought I’d be able to do. So I’m very thankful I had the opportunity to try the products, and now I’m a DDG convert for life!

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Written By

Whitney Bestwick

Whitney is the PR & Communications Assistant Manager at Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare. She’s a skincare fanatic and believes healthy skin is always in.

Read More from Whitney Bestwick

Written By

Whitney Bestwick

Whitney is the PR & Communications Assistant Manager at Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare. She’s a skincare fanatic and believes healthy skin is always in.

Read More from Whitney Bestwick

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