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DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro Quick Start Guide


Before You Power Up…


Fully charge your DRx SepctraLite FaceWare Pro LED light therapy device. To fully charge, plug in your device for 2-4 hours.

*Please note your device can’t be used while it’s plugged in.


It’s Important to be consistent to see real results.  Take a picture to track your progress.


Using your device in 1, 2, 3…



·      Cleanse and fully dry your face before placing your DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro onto the face and adjusting the straps.


·      Press and hold the button (located at the outer top of the device) for 2 seconds to turn on the LED lights

·      Press the button to choose the mode best suited for you.  For Anti-Aging (all red lights) press once, for Anti-Blemish (all blue lights) press twice, and for combination skin (mixture of red & blue lights) press three times.

·      Your DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro will automatically shut off after a 3-minute session, no matter which mode you choose.


·      Remove your LED device from your face.

·      Wipe the inside of the mask (where the LEDs light up) with an alcohol wipe or damp cloth removing any residue and allow your device to dry completely before the next use.

·      Charge before your next use if needed (1 full charge = 8-10 treatments).


*** Consistency is key!! Make sure you use your device consistently to see the best results ***


While the LED technology utilized in our DRx SpectraLite LED Devices is widely accepted to be very safe technology for most users, we recommend checking with your physician before adding any new products or devices to your routine as we have not studied our products on women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

We're so glad to hear you're interested in the BodyWare Pro and its many benefits! Though the BodyWare Pro utilizes the same technology, it cannot be used on the face. The FaceWare Pro is specifically designed to uniquely contour to the face, providing closer, clearer access of the LED lights to the face. LED technology works best when the bulbs are as close to the skin as possible. Because the BodyWare Pro will not uniquely contour to the face, it will not be effective for the face.

Yes! We're pleased to provide a complimentary 1 year warranty on all of our LED devices, including the FaceWare Pro, BodyWare Pro and EyeCare Pro. You can read more about the warranty details at this link:

While we don't sell the replacement charging cords separately, the good news is that the charging cords are very common, easy to find and affordable. The cord that you will need to purchase is a USB-A to USB-C cord and can be found on Amazon or in the electronics department of your favorite shopping center.

Congratulations on your new device! Please log in to your account. Once logged in under 'My Account' please select 'Product Warranty' and you will then follow the prompts to successfully register your device.

We're so excited to hear you have the FaceWare Pro and hope you are loving your device! The Cleaning Instructions for the FaceWare Pro are as follows:
  • 1. Turn off the device and unplug from any power source
  • 2. Wipe the inside of device with an alcohol wipe or damp cloth to remove any residue from skin oils after each use. This especially important if the device is being used by more than one individual.
  • 3. Clean device body by using a damp or microfiber cloth. The microfiber storage bag can be used for cleaning and polishing the body of the device. Do not use chemical or alcohol-based cleaners on exterior as harsh chemicals may discolor the metallic panels.
  • 4. Allow device to dry completely prior to use.
The best thing you can do to care for your steamer is to always use distilled water when filling the tank. When cleaning your steamer, we recommend the following tips:
  • 1. Ensure the device is unplugged.
  • 2. Fill the water tank with distilled water. Twist the cap back on to securely close and insert it back into the device.
  • 3. Gently shake the device 3-4 times horizontally with nozzle facing up. Return the device to a flat position and discard the water from the water tank & water outlet.
  • 4. Repeat steps 1, 2 & 3, two to three times.
  • 5. Use a dry cloth to wipe down the device.

1st Generation FaceWare Pro: located on the inner left cheek.
Current FaceWare Pro: located under the right-side hook, next to the strap pass through slot.
EyeCare Pro: located on the inner left temple.
EyeCare Max Pro: Printed on the left temple, next to the strap pass through slot.
BodyWare Pro: located on the bottom right corner on the interior of the device.
LipWare Pro: Gently remove the detachable mouthpiece and the serial number will be etched into the device between the two mouthpiece connection points.

It's very important to only use distilled water in your steamer. This recommendation is to prevent hard water or mineral build up which could cause the device to break or not function as intended. For your convenience, you can read more about the proper care of your device in the included pamphlet.

The Faceware Pro has been FDA- cleared to be used without protective goggles and is safe for the eyes. The mask lies directly on top of the skin and the LED blue lights in our product are strategically placed along the T-zone and jaw line, but for the eye area the lights are placed at a clinically significant distance from the eye area. The device is perfectly safe to be used on the eyes and can be used with your eyes open or closed, depending on your preference. Having said that, we always recommend whenever a client has any questions regarding medical interactions with a new product and/or device that they consult with their physician first. We also recommend consulting a physician prior to using the device if you have any underlying eye conditions or take eye-sensitizing medications.

Using the device multiple times a day is not harmful, but will not yield intensified or expedited results. Misues and Overuse of the device can also result in you having to charge the device more frequently and potentially shorten the lifespan of the device. The device was clinically tested and designed to yield maximum results in 1 daily 3 minute session. Remember - consistency is key to getting the best results possible and using the device every day for 3 minutes will deliver the bestb results.

The FaceWare Pro is specifically designed to be a universal fit for all unique face shapes. LED technology works best when the bulbs are close to the skin or in direct contact with the skin. Because each user's face and contours are unique, some parts of the mask may make direct contact with the skin while other parts of the mask sit slightly above the skin. This is perfectly normal and you will receive the same efficacy with direct contact as well as slightly above the skin.

Please give these tips a try and please let us know your results! 💖
1. System not turning on:
a. Did you press and hold the on/off button for 2 seconds to power the device on?
b. Is the device fully charged? (Power Indicator Light is illuminated and solid when plugged in.)

2. System is not charging:
*Please note: FaceWare Pro cannot accept a charge from a USB-C base. A USB-A base must be connected via provided USB-C cord in order to successfully charge the device.*
a. Is the provided USB charging cord firmly inserted into device? Does Power Indicator Light blink when plugged in?
b . Are you using a USB-A power base? Correct configuration is USB-A base to USB-C cord (included with device, examples pictures provided at the end of this message)

3. System shuts off abruptly, prior to completion of 3-minute treatment:
a. System is designed to shut off automatically after approximately 3 minutes, indicating treatment is complete.
b. System may shut off after multiple, repeated uses if the device exceeds desired temperature. Allow device to rest for a minimum of 10 minutes and try again.

4. Some lights appear turned off:
a. The Infrared (IR) light spectrum is not visible to the human eye. These lights will look as if they are not illuminated, but they are operating properly. If the red and blue visible lights are on, then the device is operating as designed.

5. Alternate charging cord/base/outlet:
*Please note: FaceWare Pro cannot accept a charge from a USB-C base. A USB-A base must be connected via provided USB-C cord in order to successfully charge the device.*
a. Please try an alternate USB cord to ensure the cord you are currently using is not be damaged/ experiencing an electrical short.
b. Please try a different USB -A charging base. The device is designed to be used with a Standard USB-A 5V 1-2A base. We do not recommend using high voltage charging bases when charging the FaceWare Pro. The device will not charge when using any other base besides a USB-A base
c. Please try a different outlet. These tests will allow us to determine if the cord, base or outlet is faulty and the cause of the device issues.