Pro Facial Steamer

A professional device with micro-steam technology that infuses skin with moisture, clarifies the complexion, and purifies skin.
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Bring the dermatologist office home.

Ideal for all skin types, especially those with dehydrated skin and enlarged pores. Micro-steam technology hydrates and purifies the skin in one simple step, revealing a dewy and soothed complexion in as quickly as 9 minutes.

Pro Facial Steamer


Our Promise


Instant hydration

Micro-steam technology hydrates and purifies the skin.

Soothes & softens skin

Reveals a dewy and soothed complexion in 9 minutes.

Enhances & preps skin

Skin is primed for exfoliation and product application enhancing the absorption & effectiveness.

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About Dr. Dennis Gross Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare is a dermatologist-founded brand. Dr. Gross is an unwaivering advocate for his patients, consumers, humanity, bound by the Hippocratic oath to do no harm. His mission - and ours - us to improve your skin health, how it looks, but most importantly how it makes you feel. Our #1 priority is to ensure efficacy without ever compromising safety. We are cruelty-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, sulfate-free, and vegan. With every product we take a research backed approach and formulate with only pharmaceutical-grade active ingredients to ensure superior results, without irritation.

How To Use

Infuse hydration and reveal radiance

How To Use

Infuse hydration and reveal radiance

Step 1

Cleanse face thoroughly and pat dry.

Step 2

Fill the water tank with distilled water. Turn on device and steam for up to 9 minutes.

Step 3

Hold device 12 inches away from face and enjoy your at-home spa treatment


Use 1-2x per week or as needed.

Frequently asked questions

  • Distilled water is recommended to maintain the life of the product.

  • The Pro Facial Steamer is recommended for use 1-2 times per week or as needed.

  • Dr. Gross has tested and approved the Pro Facial Steamer for use both in his practice and with his patients. The Pro Facial Steamer is FCC approved as required by law. However, it is also voluntarily subjected to UL approval to guarantee safety. Not all models, particularly those sold by private online retailers, comply with these standards.

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